Xbox Turkey Series X|S Launch

Xbox entered the Turkish market approximately 17 years later than its competitor. This situation made it more important than ever to introduce Turkey's most loved and sold new generation game consoles in 2021. That's why we primarily aimed to create a launch event and a popular use on Twitch, where our target audience spends a lot of time.

On Sunday, November 9, 2020, we brought together Turkey's largest content producers, which our target audience followed with interest, for the launch live broadcast, and a Twitch Roadblock event was held by starting the live broadcast on the Twitch channels of these names. Thus, all the broadcasts with high views on the Twitch Turkey homepage became our launch broadcast, and in this way, we provided access not only to our fans but also to our entire target audience.

We came together under our launch content from the Xbox Turkey Instagram account with the influencers we agreed with before this huge broadcast. In the comments of this content, questions about Xbox Series X|S were answered and interaction was provided.

Awards: 2021 - Kristal Elma / Silver Twitch Roadblock Lansman
Xbox / Senfonico

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